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Keturah Rosato is a speaker, trainer, clinical therapist and coach who works with female leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers to help them increase their impact and build success by using emotional fluency as a blueprint for taking inspired action to drive you forward. Through her process, The Emotional Fluency Cycle, she teaches you how to identify the emotional factors that are hindering your ability to take action towards your pursuits, achievement, and embodiment of success so that you can begin to see the shifts that will begin to attract and invite success into your life, business and relationship. 

Her expertise is enhanced by her work as an ESL teacher, her advocacy and clinical work with vulnerable populations, her supportive and teaching roles within colleges and faith-based organizations, and her experience that is deeply rooted in the clinical mental health arena. 

Keturah is passionate about learning the connection between emotional fluency and how we experience success. She is also passionate about learning and sharing how trauma impairs one's emotional fluency and what to do about it. 

She believes in the core message that when you are grounded and secure in your uncompromised identity, (the absence of the impact of trauma) you have the power to turn any crisis into a celebration for good! 

Her book, "Thou Shalt Flourish: Using Emotional Fluency to Amplify Success" will be released on October 10, 2022.

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